Have you experienced a panic attack or other physical symptoms of anxiety, such as a racing heartbeat, stomach upset, or excessive sweating?

  • Do you feel like your adrenaline is always running high, causing you to feel edgy, irritable, and unable to relax?
  • Are you unable to trust yourself and frequently second-guess your decisions?
  • Are you often afraid that something bad is going to happen and fear that you won’t be able to handle it?
  • Do you wish that you could feel recognized, supported, and at ease?

If you are struggling with anxiety, you may feel plagued by a sense of dread and hopelessness. Perhaps you wake up distressed and distracted. Or, maybe the feeling that something bad will happen or that you’ve done something wrong follows you throughout your day. Maybe you have a never-ending to-do list in your mind, and when the pressures build up you avoid responsibilities or crumple under their weight.

Perhaps those around you seem to think you have it all together, although you feel unseen and unheard. Despite all of the things you may have achieved in your life – your career, your relationships, your home – you might still feel unsatisfied, nervous or afraid. You may struggle to be present in the moment or to concentrate fully on the tasks in front of you, leading you to feel frustrated that you are not acting at your full capacity. You might be in touch with your emotions, but feel powerless to stop the cycle of self-doubt and worry that has left you drained and exhausted.

Many New Yorkers Struggle With Anxiety

New York City is one of the most competitive, fast-paced, and high-stress cities in the world. As a New Yorker, you are not alone in your feelings of disquiet and worry. So many people come here to break into their particular fields and make a name and place for themselves. Whether you are in business, theatre, art, finance, academia, or another challenging field, you are probably familiar with long hours, tough decisions, and the pressure to give your all every minute of every day. While the NYC lifestyle can be productive, stimulating, and fulfilling, it can also lead to heightened self-doubt, self-criticism, and anxiety. When so many people around you are working hard and making strides, it can become easy to second-guess yourself and wonder if you are ever really doing enough.

Even outside of NYC, anxiety is incredibly common. Some people struggle with low-level anxiety, which can present itself as a steady hum of worry. Others find that anxiety and panic can make it difficult to navigate their daily lives. Often, individuals try to get along by coping the best they can and often find ways to numb out, such as self-medicating with drugs and alcohol or sitting in front of the TV. However, these coping mechanisms are only short-term solutions. Regardless of the way your anxiety presents itself, there is hope for long-term, lasting relief.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Find Clarity, Calm And Relief

If you’re held back by anxiety, Rachel McDavid and Associates can offer you the support and guidance you need to break free of the harmful cycles of fear, self-doubt, and self-discouragement. Through anxiety treatment, you can develop the tools to find calm in moments of high anxiety and live your life with greater ease.

Our therapists can offer you an outside perspective so that you can sort through your thoughts with increased clarity and confidence and a new view of the many possibilities in front of you. With help, you can slow down and take the time to identify your priorities and goals so that you can direct your energies to the things you value and stop feeling worn down by fear. Therapy can help you create important space to rediscover yourself and your needs.

In sessions, we use a combination of talk therapy and deeper internal work, which has been proven to be a highly effective form of anxiety treatment. An internal focus on the really deep things that are going on in your body, mind, and emotions can be integral to making a lasting shift in your approach to life’s stresses and challenges. When you learn more about your internal environment and how it works, you can become better able to step back and understand that anxiety is just a part of you; it is not who you are. This distinction can help you develop more confidence in your choices and believe in your own strengths.

We also can help you develop a toolbox of grounding exercises, such as deep breathing. Through finding external calm, you can more easily access the other parts of yourself that are still uncomfortable or on edge. By calming your nervous system, you can also soothe your thoughts, become more present, and fully see and enjoy what is happening around you in the moment.

During anxiety treatment, we provide a safe, supportive, compassionate environment where you can step away from your anxiety, feel connected to the energy and flow of life, and trust that you have that ability to relax. When you feel recognized and heard, you can access a renewed ability to face life’s challenges, accept yourself for who you are, and value the things you’ve worked so hard to achieve. With help, you can do away with self-doubt and begin to live the life you want.

Although you may believe that anxiety treatment could help you relax, you still may have questions or concerns…

Anxiety treatment will take too long.

While therapy does require time and effort, we invite you to consider how long anxiety has already been with you, intruding on your thoughts and impeding your ability to enjoy the life you’ve built for yourself. With help and support, you can find relief from anxiety in under a year. While this may seem like a long time, a lifetime of worry, fear, and regrets can weigh heavily on your and hinder your ability live with enthusiasm and motivation. There is hope for change. Anxiety can distract you from your values and needs. By working with a therapist, you can gain new clarity and the focused drive to pursue your priorities.

Therapy costs too much money.

Many people worry about the monetary cost of therapy. However, we invite you to consider anxiety treatment as an investment in your long-term mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Self-care and peace of mind are incredibly valuable. Because we are aware of the realities of financial hardship, we accept network insurance. And, some of our associates offer sessions at a very affordable rate.

I’ve tried therapy before, and I don’t know if it really helps.

All therapists work differently, and it’s important that you find the right one. When you find a therapist who’s in sync with your personality and specific needs, you can experience meaningful change. Our therapists offer a unique blend of talk therapy and more in-depth internal work. If talk therapy has only worked to an extent for you in the past, perhaps it is time to try something different.

Anxiety can make each day feel like a small battle. If you are ready to let go of fear and create a calm space within yourself, we invite you to call us at 212-500-0856, or email for a free 30-minute phone consultation. We also invite you to a free, 30-minute in-person consultation so you can ask any questions you have about anxiety treatment and our practice.